The greatest promise is that the future is here to be invented, to be imagined and reified, untethered from the past. All are authors, inscribing their individual perspectives and ideologies into the world, writing them into existence.

They fought monsters and they became them. The aesthetics of war and technology have been updated to the archaic aesthetics of life. These twin worlds overlap in the collective consciousness, where both the imaginary and the real intersect.

Mankind will reshape itself through faith and intolerance if need be to face the horrors and temptations of the supernatural powers. There will be many cults devoted to the worship of machines with fluid augmentation addicts everywhere.

Controlling a militant empire bent on global domination. The old world calls, ripe for the taking. Battle is inevitable. Now we unite!

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① Relax and Write Them Into Existence

② Move Your Mouse

③ Reshape Yourself Through Faith and Intolerance

④ Control the Militant Empire

⑤ Focus and Invent the Future